LegacyBoy Services


Your legacy is not about what happens when you are gone, but more importantly the life you are living and have lived.  As storytellers, LegacyBoy captures stories from multiple generations of families, businesses, and organizations that make impact in the lives of others.  The videos and imagery we create are held privately for future generations to see, or for public consumption to highlight someones true success and legacy they leave the world.  

We customize our legacy services to your needs.  Here are examples of what we can pursue with you.

Create your own legacy project with us. Choose from the following options: Family  or Corporate


Our legacy projects include a wide variety of focuses and events, such as:


- Family Reunion

- Family Documentary

- Business Family Retreats

- Corporate Retreats


- Legacy Memoir

- Legacy Wills

- Annual Legacy Documentation

- Private Legacy Journals


- Executive Storytelling Sessions

- CEO Legacy

- Corporate Storytelling Sessions