“I don’t just document legacy, I studied it.” 

- Sharad Kharé, Founder of LegacyBoy


Sharad holds a Masters degree in communications, where his academic research focused on personal and digital legacy. He uses his background in journalism to bring out the best conversations between individuals and the people they impact. These video pieces act as a timeless record of achievement for the subject. He has spent the past several years travelling the world seeking out the most influential people in their fields in order to document their legacy for public and private consumption.

For example, Sharad has interviewed members of prominent historic families such as the Rockefellers and Kennedys. In addition to the traditional influential families, his lens has also looked into the modern influence culture, by interviewing the Maye Musk, Elon Musk’s mother.  Sharad has conducted interviews with Bollywood royalty along with some of the most influential and Successful entrepreneurs in India. He has also documented personalities like His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, Chip Wilson, Jack & Suzy Welch, and many more. 

In order to capture these fascinating stories, Sharad has travelled to places like Geneva, Stockholm, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles -- the list goes on and on.  

When his lenses are off, you can find Sharad moderating dialogues on a TEDX stage or speaking globally on the subject of documenting the most interesting humans of our times.  

Sharad has spoken and conducted interviews at the United Nations on a number of occasions.  He has been invited to create original content for many prominent families and organizations globally.